“How-to” binder for the Student Dietetic Association

As an undergrad, most students who want to get involved on campus join a club or organization relating to their major or field.  This is a good way to meet people in your classes, network with your peers, volunteer in the community, and raise awareness for your organization on campus.  As a nutrition major at Penn State, I was a member of the Student Nutrition Association (SNA) for a few years and the Secretary my senior year.  Now that I am in my dietetic internship at WVU, I haven’t really put much thought into my time in SNA. However, today I have been putting some thought into my experience with SNA and I am realizing more and more how important it truly was to my development in the start of my career.

The reason I am posting about collegiate clubs and orgs is because of a major project I have been working on today and probably throughout the week.  My assignment is to develop a “how-to” binder for WVU’s undergrad Student Dietetic Association (SDA).  The binder is to include job descriptions for the different board positions, a calendar of SDA events for the academic year, develop in-depth lesson plans for implementing volunteer and fundraising events, include a list of guest speakers (such as dietitians and professors) to speak at meetings, and develop monthly bulletin board posters.  The overall goal of this project is for any dietetic association in any part of the country can take our binder, be able to have a successful organization, and adopt the many lesson plans in their local community and campus. It is very difficult to lead a group of students on a college campus, but hopefully this binder will allow other student dietetic associations to have a successful year.

SNA was very involved with Penn State’s Dance Marathon, also known as THON. THON is now a year-long effort that raises funds and awareness for the fight against pediatric cancer. This is a picture of myself and fellow SNA members fighting the cold and canning for donations.
To learn more about THON or make a donation, visit www.thon.org.

SNA raised $1,719.01 in 7 hours for pediatric cancer!


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