PAWsome lesson plans :)

Today I continued to work on and refine the SDA binder.  I included a calendar of events for the year, instructions for volunteer opportunities, and ideas for different social events.  The most fun part of my day  (revealing my inner nutrition-nerd) was surfing the Health EdCo company website.  Health EdCo is a company that distributes unique and innovative health education materials and products such as 5 lb fat models, food serving size models, nutrition and physical activity posters and games, BMI calculators, etc.  I had to create a “wish list” for the specific educational tools to order from this company that could be incorporated into a community dietitian’s lesson plans.

Another assignment I had today was learning about the grant writing process. Because I am extremely interested in teaching in higher education, I know that learning how to apply for grants is extremely important.  The specific grant I was working on was through Build-a-Bear Workshop (which I love!). The grant sponsors “PAWsome” causes that benefit children’s health and wellness programs.  Emily, my roommate and fellow dietetic intern, and myself were in charge of brainstorming ideas for programs and lessons that could be benefited at The Shack Neighborhood House.  The Shack is a wonderful resource that provides many fun opportunities for children and families of low-income around the Morgantown area.

The idea we brainstormed is based on the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Kids Eat Right website and campaign.  The main take home message of the Kids Eat Right campaign is to “Shop Smart, Cook Healthy, Eat Right”.  To incorporate this message into creating a program for the Shack (to hopefully be funded by the Build-A-Bear grant), we created a three-part nutrition literacy program.  The “Shop Smart” component would consist of a tour of a local grocery tour, where participants would learn where to find healthy food in the grocery store and how to read food labels.  The “Cook Healthy” part would be a healthy cooking demonstration where the participants can learn skills to create a healthy meal for their family.  And the final “Eat Right” portion would be a larger community dinner that would promote social interactions, conscious eating, and eating meals as a family.


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