Mon General “Mommy Meals”

One of the ways Mon General’s food service department goes above and beyond, is the inclusion of unique “Mommy Meals”.  “Mommy Meals” are provided for new mothers who recently gave birth at the Hazel Ruby McQuain Family Birth Center.  These meals are meant to be a special dining experience as a congratulations for the new mother and father.  The NY Strip Steak is one of the most popular items on the menu (even though it must be cooked well-done for health standard reasons).

“Mommy Meal” Menu

Mommy Meal Menu


A “Mommy Meal” Cart

A “Mommy Meal” includes a table-clothed cart, a cute stuffed animal, a take-home coffee mug, and a specialty menu to choose gourmet meals.

New mothers get to take home a fun stuffed animal and a coffee mug!  🙂



2 thoughts on “Mon General “Mommy Meals”

  1. Here’s what I would order: Shrimp cocktail, chicken cordon bleu, roasted sweet potatoes, vegetable du jour, chocolate cheesecake, and coffee. What about you? (and I like the pink and blue giraffes the best!)

    • They have pink and blue giraffes??? WHAT – I never saw those. Jealous.

      For my menu, I would pick: Tossed salad, NY Strip Steak, Twice baked potato, Pasta with butter, Chocolate Cheesecake, and a Diet Pepsi (of course)

      Everything sounds so yummy 🙂

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