In honor of back-to-school being just around the corner, here is a guide to packing healthy school lunches! Kudos to Emily Todhunter for yet another great post 🙂

Emily Todhunter, WVU Graduate Dietetic Intern

With all the controversy nowadays questioning the nutritional quality of school lunches, maybe its time for parents to take the nutrition of their child into their own hands, and provide a packed lunch for their kids, rather than relying on pizza, french fries, and hamburgers served at many public schools across the country.

What we would like to see happen at WVU is to host a 1-2 hour crash course in packing healthy school lunches, for parents. This course would be held once a semester, and would give parents the opportunity to learn about the components of a healthy lunch, ideas on how to incorporate each of the food groups into the packed lunches, time-saving tips, food temperature and food safety information, and they would be able to put their new-found knowledge into practice by creating and sharing menu ideas.

Parents can bring their kids to this program as well…

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