The Start of My Clinical Rotation at CAMC

Yesterday was my first day at Charleston Area Medical Center, which is located in Charleston, WV (which is thankfully a bit flatter than what I’m used to in Morgantown!).  CAMC is a large, trauma-1 center comprised of four different hospitals:  Memorial Hospital, General Hospital, Women and Children’s Hospital, and Teay’s Valley Hospital.  For my 6-week clinical nutrition rotation, I will be interning specifically at Memorial Hospital. Memorial Hospital has one of the greatest heart programs in the United States, performing over 1,600 open-heart bypass surgeries each year. The hospital also has a comprehensive cancer department as well as a diabetes center, family medicine and internal medicine clinics, Vascular Center of Excellence and general medical-surgical inpatient services.

My first two days at CAMC consisted of meeting the employees in the nutrition department, conducting meal rounds, learning the tray delivery system, acquainting myself with the electronic medical record system, and understanding the ins-and-outs of a dietitian’s role in this particular institution.  So far I have been shadowing the dietitian and learning the nutrition care process, but by the end of the rotation I will be expected to perform these tasks on my own as “staff relief”…and I CAN’T wait for that!

I am looking forward to getting to know the hospitals, the dietitians, the interdisciplinary care team, and the patients throughout my rotation here in Charleston!

CAMC Memorial Hospital, which is the specific hospital I will be interning at during my clinical nutrition rotation.



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