Healthy Foods in the Frozen Section

Next week, Emily and I will be presenting the first of six “Lunch and Learn” wellness series, where employees eat their lunch in a classroom while we teach them about various health topics.  The “Lunch and Learn” series is part of a corporate wellness initiative for the employees at the Davis College at WVU.  The objective of the healthy lunch series is to encourage healthy living and healthy eating at work.  There is currently not a very consistent corporate wellness program at the Davis College, so we are working to develop more wellness initiatives for the employees.

The six “Lunch and Learn Series” and some general topic to be discussed are:

  1. Living Well in Morgantown…Eating Well While Working On Campus – This is the lesson Emily and I will be giving next Friday!
    1. What is Wellness
    2. How to pack a healthy lunch
    3. The “5-20” Rule when looking at a nutrition facts label – For fat, sodium, and cholesterol you want sources that contain less than 5% of your DV.  And for carbs, fiber, and vitamins and minerals you want sources that contain 20% or more than your DV.
    4. Pack this, not that
    5. Eat this, not that – Vending machine
    6. Eating at restaurants—pass out dining guide
  2.  Exercising in Morgantown
    1. Gyms in Morgantown – Membership information, locations, etc.
    2. Rail Trail
    3. Walking Map of Downtown/Evansdale Campus – Walking routes, miles, calories burned, etc.
    4. Local Race Information –   5ks, Color Run in Pittsburg, Relay for Life
    5. Sign up for walking buddies?
  3. Stress Management/Sleeping Well
    1. Benefits of getting enough sleep
    2. Tips for sleeping well
    3. How stress can harm your body
    4. Different stress-management technique –  Meditation, yoga
    5. CD of calming music?
  4. Healthy Eating During the Holidays (Oct, Nov, Dec)
    1. Halloween
    2. Thanksgiving
    3. Christmas
    4. New Year’s Eve
  5. Eating for Heart Health (February = Heart Health Month)
    1. Heart Disease Info
    2. Calculate your Risk Factor, Worksheet
    3. “10 Foods for Heart Health”
    4. Behaviors to Avoid
    5. Recipe ideas?
  6. Eat Your Best, Look Your Best
    1. What you eat affects how you look
    2. Hair health- vitamins & minerals
    3. Nail health- vitamins & minerals
    4. Skin health- vitamins & minerals
    5. Importance of drinking water
    6. “10 foods that will make you look your best” handout

In order to promote our lesson, we will be posting flyers around the Agricultural Sciences Building and inviting several of our professors and advisors. Take a look at the flyer I made!

Click:  brown bag lunch series flyer

Because the overall theme of our lesson is “Eating Well While Working On Campus”, the topics we will be discussing are the 5-20% Rule, vending machines, sugary drinks, fast food restaurants, and frozen food entrees.  We have been working on developing a nutrition guide for the vending machines that are located in the Ag Sciences Bldg.  The vending machine guide gives a red, yellow, or green light corresponding to a snack or drink item.  The red, yellow, and green lights are designated based on calorie and fat content. Red items should be consumed never or rarely, yellow items should be consumed sometimes, and green items are always a go!

I have also been developing a handout with a list of healthy frozen food entrees that employees can easily throw in the microwave for lunch.  The handout includes tips and guidelines for choosing healthy frozen foods, the benefits of frozen foods, and separates frozen foods into chicken, beef, fish, pizza, and pasta categories.  The handout is not completely finished yet, but take a look at the rough draft I have so far!

Click:  Frozen Foods For Lunch Handout

Another handout that we are in the process of making is an “Eat This, Not That – Fast Food In Morgantown Edition”.  This handout is going to include several restaurants and fast food places on both Evansdale and Downtown campuses that employees typically go to for their lunch break.  This is going to be a small booklet that participants can flip through to see the top 3 healthiest options and the 1 option they should totally avoid at each location.  The guide is meant to give tips and be a quick reference guide when eating out for a healthy and delicious lunch off campus.

More to come on the “Lunch and Learn” lesson next week as Emily and I develop a PowerPoint presentation as well as the “Eat This, Not That” guide!