“Healthy Snacking” Brochure

I continued to work on the “Healthy Snacking” lesson that Emily and I will be teaching next week to about twenty 3rd and 4th graders from The Shack.  My main focus for the day was creating a handout or pamphlet for the children to take home and share with their parents.  The information I included in the handout is the recipes for the salsa and tortilla chips that the kids will be learning how to make during the lesson, healthy vs non-healthy snacking ideas, the benefits of choosing whole grain products, and the acronym for S.N.A.C.K.S.

S.N.A.C.K.S. stands for:

Smaller portions

Not in front of the TV

Am I really hungry?

Choose low-fat foods from MyPlate for snacks

Kitchen is a good place to eat

Sit down, slow down, savor, and enjoy!

Check out my “Healthy Snacking” Brochure . Let me know what you think!