A Guide to Eating Healthy in Morgantown!

Part of our corporate wellness assignment this week was to create a presentation for the “Lunch and Learn” wellness series for employees at the Davis College of WVU.  Emily and I finally finished our 23-page handout titled, “Eating Healthy While Working On Campus”. The guide includes:

1.) Eat This, Not That – Morgantown Edition

2.) Healthy Vending Machine Choices

3.) Healthy Frozen Meals

To check it out, click the link below!!

Click: Eating Healthy While Working On Campus


Lesson Planning for – “Eating Healthy While Working on Campus”

Throughout the next couple of days, Emily and I will be working on planning our “Lunch and Learn” lesson plan for Friday.  The theme for our hour-long lesson is “Eating Healthy While Working on Campus”, which is geared toward faculty and staff of the Davis College at WVU.  We decided on this theme after investigating our target audience – professors and staff.  It became apparent that many employees at such a large university are under a lot of stress due to a very busy schedule between lecturing, grading, conducting research, authoring publications, and taking care of families of their own.  With such a hectic schedule, it can be difficult to take the time to plan a healthy lunch for work.  Some employees pack a lunch or go to a local fast food restaurant during their break.  Because of this, Emily and I decided to give our audience some tools for eating healthy while working on campus.  We are currently developing a PowerPoint presentation that will discuss healthy lunch options, the “5-20” rule, and how much sugar is in popular soft drinks.

We are also developing an educational tool kit for eating healthy on campus.  This toolkit is going to be a small spiral-bound booklet containing:

  • “Eat this, Not that – Morgantown Edition”:  Based off the popular book,  Eat This, Not That, this guide is going to include several fast food restaurants in the area that are popular during lunch breaks.  For each restaurant there will be the 3 best healthy options to choose, 1 unhealthy option to completely avoid, other helpful tips for eating healthy at that particular restaurant, as well as a healthy letter grade (A, B, or C) for the restaurant.
  • Vending Machine Guide: For both the snack and soft drink vending machines in the Agricultural Sciences building, we developed a “Red, Yellow, and Green light” system for choosing healthy snacks.  Red items should be eaten rarely (or save half for later), yellow items should be eaten sometimes (or save half for later), and green items are the healthiest options.  We are hoping to have these signs hanging up on the wall next to the vending machines so that individuals who did not attend the presentation can also benefit from the information.
  • Best Frozen Food Meals: Because some people do not have time to pack a lunch, it may be easier and more convenient to just heat up a frozen meal in the microwave.  With so many options in the frozen foods section, this handout is meant to make it easier to choose the healthiest options when you’re at the grocery store.  The guide lists several specific frozen meals in the following categories: pasta, pizza, chicken, beef, fish, and others.  For each item the following nutrition facts are also listed: calories, total fat, saturated fat, sodium, fiber, and protein.

I am getting really excited to see how the presentation goes on Friday. As an incentive for people to attend, there is a possibility of raffling off a gift card, pedometer, water bottle, etc…so hopefully we have a good turn out!